New sign to boost sand artist’s career

Sandsculpture artist Michael Myekwa with Jerry Cupido from Creative Designs who sponsored his new sign.

Local sand-sculpture artist Michael Myekwa is ready for business after a new sign, encouraging tourists to support him by dropping a donation in his box, was donated by a local business.

Revamp the Valley, a local NPO has been running a BackaBuddy crowdfunding drive to help Mr Myekwa, build his business.

In July, Revamp the Valley joined hands with another NPO, the Angels Resource Centre, to get postcards printed of Mr Myekwa’s sand sculptures. The postcards are being sold at the Fish Hoek tourism information desk at Angels Resource Centre head office, on Fish Hoek Main Road (“Postcards made of sandman’s sculptures,” Echo, July 11).

Revamp the Valley founder Leigh Barrett said Mr Myekwa had received a lot of positive support from residents and tourists but few thought of contributing towards his exceptional artistic talent.

So Revamp the Valley had partnered with Creative Designs to make a sign encouraging admirers of Mr Myekwa’s work to support the art through a cash donation or scan via Zapper.

The sign was designed by graphic designer Corbett Borcherds, from eZone, and Creative Designs’ owner, Jerry Cupido, donated materials and labour to create the sign, and Zip-Print printed it at a discounted rate.

Mr Cupido met with Ms Barrett and Mr Myekwa to install it on Saturday November 23.

Ms Barrett said the design of the sign ensured Mr Myekwa’s donations box was more secure.

“With a more secure set-up, he can focus on his art, instead of keeping one eye on his donations box,” she said.

Mr Myekwa uses some of the money he makes to print postcards of his sculptures from photographs taken by local photographers.

Mr Myekwa said he was grateful for the help and with the new sign encouraging people to donate towards his work, he hoped to make some money this festive season.

The first set of three images are currently sold at the Fish Hoek tourism info desk, at eZone, 81 Main Road, Fish Hoek. Photographers are encouraged to submit their best images to Ms Barrett at so the range of postcards can expand. “Once there are enough high quality images, calendars and other items will be produced,” Ms Barrett said.