New toilets needed?

Theo Schuurmans, Fish Hoek

Seeing as there is such a big population in the Fish Hoek area that shops at Valyland, is it not time to have downstairs public toilet facilities for the shopping centre’s customers? It is not always convenient for me and, especially, disabled customers to go upstairs.

Seeing as centre has saved lots of money over the years by not having such a facility, now is the time to spend some of these savings by doing something for the public.

Lynne Vincent, centre manager Valyland responds:

The first phase of Valyland was built in the 1960s with a few shops, and over the years has evolved into the vibrant shopping centre that it is today.

We are aware that a number of customers would like ground-floor ablutions, but we have not had the space for such a facility.

The centre is investigating adding shops, and ground-floor ablutions would certainly be added at that time subject to municipal approvals.