Ocean View’s Luke motivates youth

Luke Koeries wants to create a platform for youths who have overcome difficulties to share their inspirational stories.

Luke Koeries is proof that everyone loves a good story – and that there is support for the good guy (“Help Kids are Kids make a difference”, Echo, April 26, 2018).

When a video interview with him was posted online recently, and attracted about half a million views, the positive responses that came his way inspired him to make his next move.

And again, it is a move aimed at uplifting young people around him.

In the video Luke, 19, spoke about how his father inspired him to make a positive change in his community of Ocean View.

“I was then interviewed on Cape Talk about the video – while I was being interviewed lots of people phoned into the radio station saying how this video has transformed their lives.

“Some were in tears and said they wished there were more youngsters like me,” Luke said.

But Luke knows there are – so he is planning to take his story to all the schools in Cape Town to motivate young people to tell their stories.

“I believe there are so many youngsters with so many stories to tell… but they don’t know how to tell it or to who to tell it to – because they are too afraid of what the next person is going to say,” he said.

So, he wants to create a platform where young people can share their stories of success and overcoming their life’s challenges, in the hopes of touching even more people.

On Facebook Shantha Mahawela described Luke as a real hero and a great leader, to be emulated by all.

Shelley Woodrow Howard called him an inspiring youth, while Jolanda Watson said: “Wow your dad must be so proud of you,” and Nella Nella wrote: “This is the motivation I needed, thank you Luke.”

Penny Owens commented: “Luke you are a superhero – don’t ever lose heart and keep doing great work and thank you.”

To help Luke with his idea of creating a platform or if you have a story worth sharing, contact him on 074 011 7172.