Ojection to Fish Hoek liquor licence

Donald Moore,
Fish Hoek

I believe that there are many people in Fish Hoek who would like to lodge an objection to the application that has been made by Shoprite Checkers for a bottle store licence here in Fish Hoek but are uncertain how to go about doing so.

I am willing to assist anyone wishing to do and all I ask is that they send me an email at dryfishhoek@gmail.com or phone me at 021 782 0343.

Of course there would be no cost associated with my giving this assistance, I simply want to make sure that people who do not want another bottle store in Fish Hoek take the opportunity that the public participation process offers of placing their views on record at the Liquor Licencing Authority.

The premises where Shoprite wants to place the bottle store is in the shops in Triangle Court at the corner of Dunster and First Ave.