Open Silvermine parking lot

Joachim Gremels, Noordhoek

Why has the Silvermine Nature Reserve parking lot not opened yet? People are forced to park dangerously on Ou Kaapse Weg and are getting fined. According to the SANParks website, the gates are open. I would like to know if all the Wild Card holders will get an automatic three months’ extension? Are all SANParks staff on full pay but staying at home?

* SANParks spokesperson, Lauren Clayton responds: The boom gate near the lookout point of Silvermine (just off Ou Kaapse Weg leading to Gate 1) has been opened for public parking. Vehicle entry through Silvermine Gate 1 and Gate 2 has however not been opened yet. The public may make use of the Silvermine section of the park for recreational purposes imposed under advance level 3 of the nationwide lockdown.