Parking attendant project back on track

Participants in the Simon’s Town’s new parking attendant project pictured with CPF volunteer Eugene Loftus, left, Simon’s Town police Station commander, Captain Vishnu Pillay, and My Father’s House secretary Dylan James, middle.

The Simon’s Town parking attendant project, aimed at helping the homeless while keeping the neighbourhood safe, is back on track after lockdown.

My Father’s House, a community food kitchen, has partnered with the Simon’s Town Community Police Forum (CPF) and the police to help manage the programme.

Fifteen parking attendants signed the code of conduct on Tuesday September 13 at the Simon’s Town police station and received their new blue bibs with CPF and My Father’s House branding.

My Father’s House secretary Dylan James said first aid was part of the training being offered to the parking attendants and they would also get help to find additional work opportunities.

My Father’s House is looking for sponsorship for cellphones so that all the blue-bib parking attendants can report to a WhatsApp group monitored by SAPS and emergency responders.

“This can be a life-saving network in the case of an incident involving people, pets, or wildlife,” he said.

My Father’s House founder Pastor Shaddie Valayadum said the project was meant to bring dignity to the attendants by ensuring they had meals, equipment and clothing; get homeless people off the streets; and keep the neighbourhood safe.

A public meeting at the Simon’s Town Town Hall, on Tuesday September 27, at 7pm, would inform residents about the project and responsible giving.

The homeless people on the programme would be given six months to get themselves off the streets and into accommodation or a shelter, he said.

“The parking attendants are the communities eyes and ears on the streets. We hope that their visibility will keep out or help detect criminals in the area.”

Simon’s Town police station Commander Captain Vishnu Pillay said he supported the initiative and welcomed the help of the attendants who will keep an eye out for criminal activities while serving the community and tourists.

Acting CPF chairman Joe Kramer said they welcomed the involvement of My Father’s House as the CPF no longer had volunteers to manage the programme.

He urged residents to join the CPF and My Father’s House as volunteers. To join the CPF, email and to find out more about My Father’s House, visit or find them on Facebook.

The branded blue bibs used in a parking attendant project to help homeless people in Simon’s Town.