Pity bank is moving

Charmaine Halvorsen-French, Fish Hoek

First National Bank (FNB), a well-respected and integral of private and commercial banking transaction for many years, will soon be moving out of its premises in Main Road, Fish Hoek, and relocating to Long Beach Mall (“Closing doors”, Echo, October 26).

What a very real pity that an anchor tenant, with a long-standing name in business and the provision of professional and ethical banking services to the public, has chosen not to offer even a basic banking service by simply downsizing the current operation.

What does that say about the numerous criteria taken to make such a decision? Older, loyal, and long-standing clients simply do not count? The population of Fish Hoek is actually shrinking? Business based accounts are no longer profitable – or important?

The imminent 100 year centenary of Fish Hoek is not worth hanging around for? What, if anything, did the top FNB executive do to include long-standing clients in reaching the final decision to close its doors?

Were Fish Hoek clients ever consulted for valued input? (Indeed, I have encountered a wall of stony silence when asking FNB staff for further details). Was there a client survey regarding the possibility of downsizing local FNB services? What has FNB done to constructively develop and attract a new client base?

Has FNB management proactively engaged with the Fish Hoek Business Improvement District, to ensure ongoing banking services with a minimum of disruption to all concerned and connected?

Is it simply taken for granted that all Fish Hoek banking clients have transport to trek six kilometres to Longbeach Mall, for personalised professional services? (Then, after hours in the queue, to trek all the way back again to Fish Hoek?) If other competitive banks can make a plan to continue serving their client base on the Main Road of Fish Hoek, how come FNB can afford not to take the same action?