Please forgive us

Daniel Ngceni, Masiphumelele

Oh please forgive us

We were still young and innocent.

When you came to us, we were

lost and confused.

When we strived and struggled for

the best.

You were not there to give us hugs.

In their eyes we’re the worst but

we know in our hearts we’re the best.

So please stop treating us as undefined.

You’re the one’s who gave us drugs.

What a beautiful nightmare you put

us through.

Oh please forgive us

let the truth be heard.

What kind of a person are you?

A parent you say.

What a selfish parent you’re then.

Yes we do understand you did this for a living

but the question is why didn’t you give it to your children first?

We do not deny anything no one forced us to, it was our choice.

This is the choice we made.

Not that we’re happy about it.

Oh please forgive us

Just that we had enough of it.

We don’t want drugs no more

Do you know what we want?

Success, a bright future you name it.

We want the same thing you want for your children.

But that doesn’t seem to bother you at all.

Do you even care?

So many families you have torn apart.

We say no more.

Oh please forgive us.

How many families we’ve tortured physically and emotionally.

Those who had faith in us.

Do you know what it means when everybody is looking up to you.

Not only us who had dreams

but they did too.

You took that all away from us, but

believe me it’s never too late I say.

We won’t let our failure define us

but to teach us.

Oh please forgive us

That we said it all

Oh please forgive us

that we turned against you.

Oh please forgive us.

We don’t want no more drugs we say.