Police recover stolen goods after arrests

Muizenberg police made 45 arrests in last week for different crimes. Captain Stephen Knapp said seven arrests were made in connection with narcotics, eight were for robbery, four were for possession of stolen vehicles, one arrest was in connection with a murder and seven were for drunk driving.

On Wednesday August 10, at 3.30pm, three residents of Bergvliet were robbed near Sunrise Circle.

They were threatened with a knife and had a cellphone, cash and jewellery worth more than R40 000 stolen.

The crime prevention unit of Muizenberg police, under the command of Warrant Officer Gerald Gain, responded to the robbery and after a short search, apprehended three people, who had been described by the complainants.

The suspects, aged 16, 18 and 23, were found to be in possession of all the stolen items. They were arrested and detained at Muizenberg police station on charges of robbery. They were due to appear in the Muizenberg Magistrate’s Court on Friday August 12.

The Bergvliet residents were ecstatic at the recovery of their property and expressed their sincere appreciation to Muizenberg police for their good work.

Colonel Ismail Daniels, station commander of Muizenberg police station, was extremely pleased with the arrest and speedy action of his members.

He appealed to all members of the public to be alert and report crime to their local police.

The following are a few hints and guidelines for the prevention of robberies:

* Never walk alone, always try to walk in a group.

* When walking, do not talk on your cellphone and do not display jewellery.

* Be observant and take note of your surroundings.

* Be wary of strangers.

* Attempt to walk in well-lit places after dark and avoid open fields or secluded areas.

* When travelling on a train, be especially wary when the train is departing and arriving at the station and guard your valuables and be especially vigilant during peak times.

* Keep emergency numbers handy, and note descriptions of suspicious people when alerting the police.

* Trust your instincts.