Poo-spotter flags planned for Zandvlei

Ward 64 councillor Aimee Kuhl

Flags will soon be running up poles around Zandlvei – not to warn us about sharks but about pollution in the water.

The Shark-Spotter-style flag system at the vlei is one of the developments Ward 64 councillor Aimee Kuhl has planned for this year, and Zandvlei nature reserve is at the top of her to-do list.

Her full ward budget for this financial year will be spent on reserve-related developments that include R458 000 to be spent on a new boardwalk along Park Island’s southern shoreline, a fenced-off park for dogs and dog walkers, better signage and fishing platforms along Promenade Road. The flagpoles for Shark-Spotter-style flags showing the water quality are also included in this amount.

Meanwhile, R389 000 is budgeted for equipment to monitor vlei water quality and improve sampling and data collection. It will warn of oxygen depletion and algal blooms.

And R152 000 is to be spent on a draft plan for the diversion of the Sand River, a long term project.

“Sand River is one of Zandvlei’s major sources of litter and sewage contamination and by diverting the river through a series of vegetated swales and ponds, water will be cleaned before reaching the main water body, which will reduce litter and nutrient loads as well as provide a habitat for fauna and flora,” Ms Kuhl said.

Ward 61 councillor Simon Liell-Cock

Simon Liell-Cock, of Ward 61, says his 2020/21 ward budget will fund a substance-abuse programme in Ocean View, field workers to help the homeless and people informal settlements, and “green jobs”.

Safety in Ocean View would be improved through the broken-windows method, that is starting with the small stuff, such as cleaning up public spaces; more CCTV cameras; and better security around taxi ranks.

Field workers would be on Simon’s Town streets daily to help the homeless get back on their feet; there would be seasonal cleaning of streets and parks; and illegal signage and dumping would be cleared.

Ward 69 councillor Felicity Purchase

Safety, jobs, illegal dumping and housing are Ward 69 councillor Felicity Purchase’s priorities for this year.

CCTV cameras would continue to be rolled out in the valley until all crime hot spots across the far south were covered by the network, she said.

Work opportunities would involve the clearing of alien vegetation and litter cleaning.

She and Mr Liell-Cock have used combined ward funding to get a grab truck to clear illegal dumping.

“I wish to encourage people to report dumping with a photo if possible to allow the department to follow up,” she said.

The housing project for Masiphumelele’s wetland residents was ongoing but had been overshadowed by the recent fire and the urgent need to house fire victims, she said.

Money has also been put aside for improvements at parks, including the installation of new gym equipment and the maintenance of play equipment.

Ms Purchase said informal trading areas along Kommetjie Road would be tidied up and the entrance to Masiphumelele upgraded. The next phase of the Kommetjie Road upgrade was also under way, she said.