Porcupine plucked from prickly predicament

Cape of Good Hope SPCA inspector Carina Bodenstein carefully saves a porcupine.

A porcupine that got itself into a prickly predicament was saved by Cape of Good Hope SPCA inspector Carina Bodenstein.

Ms Bodenstein responded to a call for help with the porcupine that had fallen into an open drain in Peak Road, Fish Hoek, on Sunday afternoon, December 19.

The porcupine had likely been out looking for a tasty bulbous snack, when the ground had fallen away from beneath it, she said.

Porcupines have poor climbing skills, so the chances of it climbing out of the smooth-walled concrete drain were slim to none.

In the heat of the day without any water, the animal would not have lasted long.

The porcupine had fallen into an open drain in Peak Road.

Luckily for the porcupine, Ms Bodenstein knew immediately what to do. Using a strong, wide-mesh net, she carefully, and with much patience, coaxed it into being rescued.

Once the porcupine was safely inside the net, Ms Bodenstein raised it out of the drain, taking care not to get its quills in a bunch, before releasing it.

She made sure the drain cover was securely replaced afterwards.

“We consider ourselves very lucky to be able to share our urban environment with such a diverse range of wildlife in the Western Cape, and we can all do our bit to help make sure our wildlife species thrive amongst us,” said Cape of Good Hope SPCA manager Belinda Abraham.

Readers are asked to report any open drains to the relevant municipal office or the SPCA. To report wild animals in distress, call 021 700 4158/9 or 083 326 1604 after hours.