Positive Poster Week

Pupils get create a poster during a previous Positive Poster Week campaign.
Local NGO Heal the Hood is once again inviting people to share positive stories from their communities during their Positive Poster Week initiative which runs from Monday August 31 until Friday September 4.

Positive Poster Day was conceived by the organisation’s founder Emile Jansen in December 2009 to counter the impact of many the negative media posters often found plastered across lamp poles.

The aim of the initiative is to give the ordinary person on the ground an opportunity to harness the power and reach of social and physical media platforms to promote positive thoughts, messages and imagery about their respective communities, cities and countries, said Heal the Hood.

The initial mission has now grown into a week of positive themes and messages that spans the globe.

“We invite everyone young and old to join us as we bring some positivity to our global community and show the world that a pandemic will not silence the good that inherently resides within us all.” All posters and images can be uploaded to the Heal the Hood Project Facebook page with the hashtag #positiveposterweek or emailed to info@healthehood.org.za

These are the themes for each day of week:

Monday August 31: Post Her Day – Create posters celebrating positive female role models and their positive deeds, photograph them and share them online for global attention and awareness.

Tuesday September 1: Growing Positive Change We Wish To See  – Share pictures of vegetables, fruits, gardens, flowers, positive images of greening communities and positive images of families sharing a message that they are positive and good people wanting to see more positive change and families in the media.

Wednesday September 2: Cape Town communities –  Represent your neighbourhood as a positive place with a poster or a recording saying that you are a positive person doing good.

Thursday September 3: National communities and continental Africa – Represent your province and country with positive images and video messages.

Friday September 4: Global communities participate – Represent your country and community as a positive person from around the world.