Postcards made of sandman’s sculptures

Fish Hoek sand sculpture artist Michael Myekwa on the beach with his collections box.

Two non-profit organisations are helping Fish Hoek’s sand-sculpture artist, Michael Myekwa, start his own business.

Revamp the Valley and Angels Resource Centre have offered to help Mr Myekwa get postcards printed of his sand sculptures.

The postcards will be sold at the Fish Hoek tourism information desk at Angels Resource Centre head office, on Fish Hoek Main Road, from mid-July.

Mr Myekwa and his sculptures are a familiar sight among locals and tourists on Fish Hoek Beach, but the talented sand artist’s only income comes from donations given by those wishing to photograph his work.

Founder of Revamp the Valley Leigh Barrett recently put out a call for high-resolution photos of Mr Myekwa’s sand sculptures, and she would like to hear from any photographers prepared to help.

Revamp is also looking for a local printer to print the postcards at a discount and an artisan to make a stand for them.

The tourism desk is part of Angels Resource Centre’s e-Zone, which supports local entrepreneurs.

Proceeds from the sale of the postcards will go to Mr Myekwa to help him grow his businesses.

Group CEO of Angels Resource Centres, Lizelle Coombs, said they were giving Mr Myekwa ongoing mentoring to help him promote his business.

Ms Barrett said Mr Myekwa also needed a more stable sign and a safe place for his donations box at the beach. The box, she said, was often in danger of being stolen while he was working on his art.

Mr Myekwa said he was grateful for the help as he struggled to make ends

He said he had not received a single donation during the school holidays, and the cold, wet weather hadn’t helped. While many people visited the beach they often looked at his work and then walked on.

“Any help will be appreciated,”he

* A fund-raising drive is being started on Back-A-Buddy to cover material costs
for a sign and any manufacturer interested in making it can contact Ms Barrett at

Anyone interested in selling locally produced items at the e-Zone can contact or call 0861 111 950 for more information.