Prevent crimes of opportunity

There has been an increase in muggings in the Beach Road area, warn Fish Hoek police.

Police spokesman, Warrant Officer Peter Middelton, said the muggers had taken cellphones, and people should be on their guard when in the area.

There had also been burglaries in the Avenues, Crescents and the Highway area, and Warrant Officer Middelton advised homeowners to get their alarms tested.

Garage doors should be kept closed at all times to prevent crimes of opportunity, he said.

ATM crimes remained a problem, especially in Main Road, with mostly tourists and the elderly targeted. Warrant Officer Middelton urged ATM users not to accept help from strangers.

There are seven bicycles, believed to have been stolen, at Fish Hoek police station, and the police want anyone who has had a bike stolen recently to open a case.

Also at the station is a suitcase of toy cars that was found abandoned on the mountainside.

For more information about the bicycles or suitcase, call Warrant Officer Natasha Carstens at 021 784 2724.