Protect nature

Vanessa Turner, Simon’s Town

At this time of year, people go crazy, spraying all kinds of pesticides, with absolutely no thought to the environmental damage; loss of species; and pollution of soil, waterways, and the sea. Not to mention the cost to human health and the host of diseases associated with chemical exposure, including cancer, neuro-degenerative and auto-immune disorders, diabetes, cardio-vascular problems, and allergies.

These toxic products are readily available in our supermarkets, which is outrageous.

Many farmers are finally realising that regenerative and conservation farming is the way to go. Now it’s time for city dwellers to catch up – that includes the municipality, golf courses, schools, conservation organisations, garden services, and ordinary householders.

Everyone needs to be more responsible in the battle against climate change.

Unwanted weeds can be pulled out; a solution of vinegar can also help.

Protect soil and water and air, and the processes of nature will take care of unwanted insects.

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