Protecting my sanity

Douglas Parris, Fish Hoek

I have read the many letters moaning about the damage to our pavements when, in fact, they do not belong to us.

Just recently, I built a new home in Fish Hoek, and the ratepayers’ association refused to pass the plans because they objected to its looks, and when finally passed, the approval came with a list of conditions. 

Yet, none of these seem to apply to the fibre people, namely, the condition of the sidewalk and inconvenience to pedestrians and dog walkers. I had to provide a toilet for my workers, yet I have seen none for the fibre installers. I had to stop work at 5pm on Saturday with no work on Sunday.

The other Saturday, Nokia were still busy at 6pm, until I asked what they were doing and then they packed up.

What about the danger to schoolchildren being forced to walk in the street by the piles of sand and red sacking?

Now my pavement was dug up and the grass left to die.

Then they came back and filled in the trench, and in the mound of sand and stones the dead grass was planted .

I phoned to complain, and they came back and removed the dead grass and sort of levelled the pavement – still no new grass or water.

I have decided to protect my sanity – I will no longer fight to maintain municipal property, namely my pavement, so I suggest the municipality come and asphalt it or start to maintain it themselves, but I will do nothing more – no water or mowing.