Protesters in Move One Million T-shirts along the main road at Glencairn Beach on Saturday.

About 100 people braved the cold and wind along the main road at Glencairn Beach on Saturday
as part of a countrywide protest against corruption, gender-based violence, farm murders and
racism. Thousands took part in the demonstrations organised by Move One Million founder
Jarette Petzer who said in a statement: “Since March 2020, our leaders have been patronising
us, instead of protecting us. What began as a reasonable approach to keeping South Africa safe
under lockdown has turned into a looting frenzy, in which billions of rands have gone missing.”
For too long the public had obeyed a government that divided the country, instead of uniting it,
he said. Keeping their distance from each other and wearing their masks, protesters carried placards saying: “My country not your piggy bank”, “Broken but not beaten”, “South Africa for all” and
“Move one million for SA.” In Cape Town, hundreds gathered at the Grand Parade with placards,
flags and posters. Mr Petzer said the organisation wanted corrupt government officials to be
prosecuted and transparency in the revision of the electoral process.