Relocate peafowl to safe spaces,

Toni Brockhoven, Beauty Without Cruelty

After a meeting between the residents concerned with the burgeoning peafowl population; the Clovelly Country Club, host to several of the birds for many decades; and Beauty Without Cruelty, whose interest is the well-being of the fowl, future actions were confirmed. (“Feathers fly over peacocks”, Echo, November 21).

The current population does need to be thinned, and to this end, relocation of peahens will certainly affect future population growth.

Beauty Without Cruelty will contact those who offered to take mostly, but not exclusively, female birds to their smallholdings or farms, far away from the area affected.

Beauty Without Cruelty will do whatever is possible to assist with relocation of peafowl to safe spaces, to reduce the current population, for the benefit of the birds, in particular, and the residents.

The public must understand that while their instinct is to feed the peacocks, porcupines and others who visit, this sets a dangerous precedent, exploding the natural growth due to an abundance of food, and their ability to fend for themselves becomes diminished, to the animals’ disadvantage.

Feeding simply must cease as a matter of urgency, for the benefit of the peafowl and other wildlife.

Peacocks usually feed on certain seeds, lizards, snakes and small rodents.