Repaired slipway an inspiration to cadets

Ex TS Woltemade sea cadet Bart Reiman addressing the guests and ship's company at TS Woltemade at the opening of the refurbished slipway.

A recent collaboration between an ex-sea cadet from TS Woltemade, Bart Reiman, and retired admiral Koos Louw, chairman of the Sea Cadet Board, has seen a slipway near the naval training academy’s base repaired.

The slipway is opposite the unit in Promenade Road, Lakeside, and permits access to the vlei.

In 1976, while still a cadet, Mr Reiman and his father, Arie, built the original slipway.

Mr Reiman has now provided funding for the repair which Admiral Louw assisted with.

Over the years, the officers and cadets from TS Woltemade have repaired the slipway and quay but due to soil erosion under the slipway the wheels of the dollies carrying the dinghies dropped off the lip.

The reconstruction included placing new concrete slabs for a reconstructed slipway and repairs to the jetty, done by divers.

Mr Reiman and his family, who are now living in Namibia, attended the TS Woltemade prize-giving parade to open the new slipway.

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