Report crime on trains

Jo Joseph, Fish Hoek

On Saturday March 19, (commuters on) the train from Simon’s Town to Cape Town were attacked.

This was the train that stopped at Fish Hoek station at around 6.10pm.

Many people were robbed and several hurt. The emergency bell was rung but the train did not stop nor were any security guards present.

Some of the people who were harmed were our carers from a retirement centre who were required to be at work the next day.

Please can The Echo ask Metrorail to account for the lack of security and the train failing to stop in this emergency situation.

How terrible for these passengers who have no other way of travelling and must do so every day, and pay continuously rising fares.

* Zino Mihi, Corporate Affairs Manager for Marketing and Communication Department, Metrorail responded:

Thank you for your enquiry.

We are saddened to learn about the incident. On following up with a relevant department within Metrorail, the robbery was evidently not reported to Metrorail or SAPS – the only additional information to date is the report of the incident posted on social media.

According to Metrorail operational records, no commuters reported it at a nearby railway station until to date. We encourage anyone with information regarding the incident to contact the Metro Transport Information Toll-Free number 0800 65 64 63 and stress the importance of reporting all incidents to the police. Under-reporting of crime does not help us or the police to secure more resources. The most effective way to prove that additional resources are required is to be able to prove it through statistics – if it isn’t reported, it hasn’t happened.

Commuters can assist by reporting suspicious behaviour as well as incidents, however insignificant they may seem. If they are accosted, follow the police’s advice of no resistance, remaining calm and avoiding eye contact but trying to remember distinguishing traits such as accent, birthmarks etc. Safety tips such as not openly displaying valuables and being alert to ones surroundings (earphones and dozing off diminishes awareness) are also useful.

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