Report illegal parking

Mary-Anne James, Fish Hoek

On Friday September 15, I popped down to the Fish Hoek Pick * Pay.

The parking bays were all full and I saw that the two bays with the yellow crosses were free. I do not park there when they are free, and always wait for a spot or alternatively pop over to the parking bay across the road.

However, (on Friday) I knew I would be five minutes in Pick * Pay, (so) I pulled into the “no parking” spot.

As I was getting out of my car, a law enforcement officer came over to me and explained that parking in this bay was not allowed and that I needed to get back into my car and park elsewhere.

He even offered me his parking bay, and I thanked him and got back into my car and parked elsewhere.

However, as he was walking away from me, a traffic police vehicle pulled into one of those yellow parking bays next to my car.

Nothing was said to this person and he happily went into Pick * Pay. I just feel that if I was told to move, which I did without hesitation, then the chap in the traffic car should have been made to move as well. Or are they a law unto their own?

Perhaps something should be done to stop vehicles parking in those yellow parking bays ?

Richard Coleman, spokesperson for the
City’s traffic services, responds:

All officers have been informed that they are not above the law, and should not be parking illegally unless in the execution of their duty and no other parking is available.

Unfortunately we cannot investigate the matter further as we don’t have a registration number.

To register a complaint, call 021 444 3373.