Rotary and volunteers work despite cancelled race

Rotarians Bev Frieslich, Susan OHagan Ward and Luise Rouessart show their disappointment at not being able to marshal.

Every year, the Rotary Club Cape of Good Hope marshals for the Cycle Tour in the Fish Hoek Main Road between Clovelly and Glencairn.

“We use this as a means of raising finds which are used on our various communities, mainly in Ocean View and Masi,” said Bev Frieslich.

“As you know the race was cancelled but, through your newspaper, I would like to show you that the marshals and some supporters were still there to show Fish Hoek that we were there and that we care,” she said.

There were a total of 25 Rotarians and local residents who volunteered on the roads with the traffic police early this morning, willing to work for the benefit of the communities. And there were also some intrepid supporters on the Main Road outside Connaught Park who cheered on the few bikes that did come through.

“After that we all went to the beach for breakfast at the Bistro,” Ms Frieslich said.