Run-off water is dangerous

Johan Kikillus, Soteria Ministries, Ocean View

Run-off from the mountain at Mountain View (Ocean View) flows into the area near Mizar Crescent, sometimes reaching up to four metres deep.

There are several holes in the fence and it is extremely dangerous.

Last year a small child nearly drowned in there and last week, I am told, a young boy fell in.

This has been a problem since it was built.

It is completely unacceptable and I wonder if the mayor would allow this in Pinelands.

I would also like to draw the City’s attention to the rubble at the old Mountain View site which has been untouched since last year, still with all of its asbestos.

Can council please commit to a date to fix this?

Brett Herron, Mayoral Committee Member for transport responds:

Stormwater run-off from the development, including run-off from the mountainside, is routed to this retention pond situated along Mizar Crescent.

During heavy downpours, the water level in the retention pond will rise, but will drop to a pre-determined level once the rainfall subsides.

The retention pond has been designed in accordance with accepted stormwater management principles which are applied across the City of Cape Town.

The retention pond is fenced for safety, but has been damaged and vandalised on several occasions as depicted in the photo. Damage to the fencing will be assessed by Transport for Cape Town, the City’s transport authority, and the necessary repairs will be undertaken. Residents are requested to please report any damage to the fence surrounding this pond or blockages on the stormwater system.

It should be noted that the retention pond and the fenced area surrounding it is off-limits to the public.

Furthermore, Transport for Cape Town is assisting with the removal of rubble stockpiled along Slangkop Road. Road.