SA cyclist breaks arm in scuffle with SANParks

A screenshot of the video showing a TMNP ranger pushing Mr Dlamini up against the van. PICTURE: TWITTER

South African cyclist, Nicholas Dlamini, 24,  suffered a broken arm after a scuffle between him and Table Mountain National Park (TMNP) rangers at the Silvermine Nature Reserve on Friday December 27.

It is alleged that Mr Dlamini entered the reserve without a valid permit or payment during a practice cycle.

A video circulated on social media showed Mr Dlamini being manhandled by a TMNP ranger while three others look on. He is heard saying “My arm is broken,” but this does not stop the ranger from trying to push him into the back of the TMNP vehicle.
Another ranger can be heard telling Lawrence Lindeque who was filming the scuffle, “you’re not allowed to film this.” 

According to a statement released by SANParks, Mr Dlamini entered gate one of the Silvermine reserve without paying the conservation fee  and not being in possession of an activity permit.

TMNP rangers were informed about the situation and after investigating, found Mr Dlamini  could not produce an entry ticket or a valid activity permit. The statement indicates that the situation spiraled out of control causing Mr Dlamini to injure himself.

According to another eye witness, Donovan le Cok, he arrived at the scene shortly after a ranger had knocked Mr Dlamini off his bike in an attempt to check for a permit.
Mr Le Cok said the ranger had grabbed the handlebars of Mr Dlamini’s bike causing him to fall and injure himself and damage his bike.
“He (Mr Dlamini) was quite upset,” his statement read on Facebook.

It further stated that a heated discussion followed between Mr Dlamini and one of the rangers. The statement further indicates that Mr Dlamini was not aggressive towards the ranger and was not trying to get away or resit being detained.

It indicated that the ranger twisted Mr Dlamini’s arm high above his head and he could hear his arm snap. 

Despite cries of “my arm is broken,” he was thrown in the back of the van.
Mr Le Cok said he stopped filming as the rangers became aggressive towards him and started grabbing at his phone.

SANParks said statements will be taken from rangers who were at the scene and the matter will be investigated.

Mr Dlamini rode his first Grand Tour last year, finishing 107th at the Vuelta a Espana, an annual multi-stage bicycle race primarily held in Spain

SANParks also requested that anyone who might have witnessed the incident to report it to 021 422 1601.