Sad loss

Skatie Fourie, vice chairman of the Flame Lily Foundation

Due to delays we apologise to so many of Lewis Walter’s friends and associate club members for the sad loss.

Lewis re-established The Flame Lily Foundation (FLF) here in the Cape Peninsula, not as a welfare organisation but us an organisation providing temporary assistance.

He stood tall as a man of pioneer stock and served with Internal Affairs, which saw the most dangerous duties carried out daily by non combatants.

In general, the Intaf lost more staff during the Bush War than any other unit.

Lewis served from 1953 to 1983, and retired as a provincial commissioner.

I worked under his wise manner as vice chairman in the FLF.

His vision was to care for our seniors who had no social life, and indeed a need to come through hard times.

Rest in peace, dear Lewis, we will always remember you.

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