Safety measures needed

Glenn Muller, Muizenberg

Development at the Evergreen Lifestyle retirement home and subsequent blockage of the pavement in Sunrise Boulevard has continued unabated for the past 18 months or even longer.

I use the road every day as I live in the area and it is a safety risk for both pedestrian and motorist – an accident waiting to happen. Often there are only a couple of cones placed in the middle of the road with no persons in sight warning or directing traffic.

I am not sure whether the relevant permissions have been obtained; however as a tax and ratepayer I have a right to comment on the matter. I would like to know whether the owner or other relevant authorities (read DA councillor) are aware of the potential safety risks.

Ward councillor Aimee Kuhl responds:

Our traffic officials have visited the site and assessed the situation.

Sand-filled drums will be put out to sec-ure a safe walk for pedestrians. Reflective tape on the drums and additional cones will be placed at the scene.

There will be 1.5m walking space for pedestrians.

The construction company has assured us that scaffolding will be coming down this weekend.