Safety teams rewarded with refreshments

Operations manager at VOC, Inspector Jacobus Gelant, Wayne Turner, Kevin Rack and Marion Wagner from MID and in front, June Homan with her delivery of hot pizza to the staff and volunteers on duty over the Easter weekend.

The Easter weekend in Muizenberg and surrounds was quiet with the roads and public places peacefully patrolled by various stakeholders.

The Venue of Operations Centre (VOC) in Muizenberg was fully operational and manned by Law Enforcement, SAPS, Traffic, Metro, as well as volunteers from neighbourhood watches, members of the Muizenberg Improvement District (MID) board, Muizenberg Community Safety Initiative, Marine Estate Neighbourhood Watch, Lakeside Community Watch and Safer Together.

Director of MID, Marion Wagner, expressed gratitude to everyone for their commitment to the community as a whole; and gave special thanks to those individual residents, organisations and businesses who rallied to feed the staff and volunteers on duty.

“While the majority of people had this time off to spend
with their loved ones, these people were working hard behind the scenes to keep the environment safe for us all to enjoy,” she said.

The VOC was well stocked with refreshments for all teams.

Between the individual donations of breadrolls and marshmallow Easter eggs was the generous delivery by June Homan of Joon in Palmer Road, of hot from the oven pizzas, for everyone on duty.