Sea Cadets explore creativity during lockdown

A national-symbols exercise.

Sea cadet units stopped training with the start of the lockdown, but they’ve found other ways to stay busy.

Lieutenant Commander Glenn von Zeil, national marketing manager for the sea cadets and SA
naval reserves, said officers from TS Rook and TS Woltemade had kept the cadets busy with online tasks, including making up knotting boards; familiarising themselves
with ranks, safety signs and Morse codes; building and floating a raft model; and shooting a promotional video.

This had led to a national competition for all sea cadets with data prizes up for grabs.

Lieutenant Commander Von Zeil said the sea cadets units would continue to stand down until February next year when there was likely to be less risk of spreading Covid-19.

Visit the TS Rook and TS Woltemade Facebook pages or for more information on what the sea cadets have been up to.