Sea cadets work hard

Tony Nicholas, Lakeside

Noted on Saturday complaints on the Zandvlei emergency WhatsApp group of the sea cadets training with their accompanying drum beat. Let me try to put some perspective on the subject.

Firstly the Sea Cadets are not in any form linked to the SA Navy, thus no use phoning the SA Navy with your complaints.

The Sea Cadets at Training Ship (TS) Woltemade are presently training their rifle drill parade to perform at the forthcoming navy festival in Simon’s Town Dockyard. That in itself is a very high accolade.

The OC (Officer Commanding) TS Woltemade recently posted his intentions on a local Facebook page detailing the exact times he planned their practice. I did not see any objections on the Facebook page that I recall, only support. The times of their drill are not intrusive nor of long duration, albeit in my opinion.

Let’s consider the good work that these sea cadet officers do for our youth. The OC and his officers sacrifice their weekends, every weekend, in the interests of training and nurturing self-esteem among these teenagers that join this volunteer programme. In addition the same officers take leave from their employment to conduct week-long camps with the youngsters. There are hundreds of sea cadets in the programme attending ts Woltemade every weekend plus many more around the country. These are hundreds of teenagers, many or most, from poor and disadvantaged backgrounds off the streets and being prepared for a productive life.

Instead of complaining I suggest you wander down to the base where the OC will happily show you around and explain their full programme. Alternatively I can arrange a group tour for interested neighbourhood residents.

Perspective: I never see complaints of dogs that bark or whine incessantly.