Sea Scouts show off special skills

The 1st Muizenberg Sea Scouts showed off their considerable skills in raft building, sailing, and canoeing on Saturday and Sunday, October 7 and 8.

If you missed them, just pencil in this weekend to see them in action again.

They have events planned this Saturday October 14, and will be attending the Muizenberg Festival’s parade on Sunday October 15.

Their events have been part of the Muizenberg Festival, which was first started in October 2014 and is a platform for the Muizenberg community to show off their talents and achievements.

1st Muizenberg is a sea scout group that has been running since 1909. With a total of 70 clubs and Scouts, it is still going strong and continues to motivate, teach, and enable children to reach their full potential.

Scouts teaches children leadership skills, teamwork, confidence, commitment and love for the environment. Morals and principles are what they live by and are able to take it with them into adulthood.

There are over 190 000 scouts in South Africa and over 48 million scout members worldwide. Scouts have one mission – and that is to make the world a better place.

On Saturday October 7 the sea scouts showed their community their raft building skills.

The public watched closely as the scouts taught knots and lashings (used to tie poles together) such as square lashings, barrel lashings, bowlines, clove hitches, half hitches and more. People were eager to jump in and give it a go. In the end, they managed to launch three rafts into the water and enjoyed a paddle race.

The children especially enjoyed going on the raft and playing in the water.

On the beautiful Sunday morning of October 8, the sea scouts gave the public an opportunity to go for a ride on a Saldanha Dinghy. The wind was quite strong but was no match for the skills of the scouts. Six talented helmsman, each with their own eager crew, ran the event.

Three boats were out on the water, taking members of the Muizenberg community for 10-15 minute rides up and down the vlei.

Not only did the scouts sail, but they canoed to the other side of the vlei to give back to the environment and do a litter clean up. They were able to fill over 10 black bags of rubbish and even brought back a TV and an office chair.
The environment is very important to scouts worldwide. By picking up litter they are able to protect the marine life that live in the vlei and make the area look clean and friendly.

If you missed the fun, don’t worry, they have a few events you can still get involved in.

There is the Anything that Floats event on Saturday October 14 between 9am and 11am at the sea scout base. Test your survival skills by trying your luck at raft building. Poles, barrels and rope will be provided by 1st Muizenberg Sea Scouts and experienced scouts will be there to teach you how to build the raft.

On the same day between 2pm and 6pm there will be a Zandvlei clean-up. The Muizenberg community is invited to help them and have some fun in the process. Gloves and black bags will be sponsored.

On Sunday October 15 the scouts will join the Muizenberg Festival Parade at 10am. The parade will start from the Muizenberg Park on the Main Road.

A tuck-shop will be available at all the events. SnapScan is available for those who prefer to not carry cash.