Sharing and repairing

Bikes, food and community spirit.

William Roussouw is all about community, the little guy, bikes – and the incredible beauty of Cape Town.

He has joined these motivating factors by establishing a breakfast run for bikers which grew from 300 to 1 000 members from the first to the second event – and now has a 3 000-strong membership.

“There was very little else to do, other than the Toy Run, and I felt that all bikers would enjoy the social aspect, so we established a really great route and have regular meetings,” he said.

William and his dad Grant own Wrench Monkey in Lakeside – the bike repair shop has been running for two years, but has just moved into the area.

Brand new at the shop is Wrench Vape – a vaping lounge run by Dylan Els.

Community is a big deal to William – he supports small businesses in his shop too: there are products all made by local people that he punts.

“I think the way we are all going to thrive is to look after each other,” he says.

In this vein, he often hosts charity events. The latest of these was held on Saturday October 12 in Lakeside, where bikers did the breakfast run and gathered afterwards for some food at the shop.

“We raised R2 500 for TEARS (The Emma Animal Rescue Society),” he said.