Shelter and mall join forces for greener community

A shelter for the homeless will service a new recycling drop-off point at Harbour Bay Mall as a source of income.

A Simon’s Town homeless shelter and Harbour Bay Mall have launched a recycling drop-off point that operates 24/7.

Happy Valley Homes, a shelter for more than 60 adults, will be responsible for servicing the drop-off point as a source of income.

“We have taken on the task of servicing the designated recycling bins, which have a capacity of up to 1 ton of recyclable materials. Initially, we will provide this service twice a week, and we plan to adjust the frequency based on demand, ensuring an efficient recycling process,” said Patrick Msakayeya, the shelter’s manager.

The partnership was initiated by Sunell Pelser, the mall’s marketing manager.

The mall worked with the Green Group Simon’s Town, a group of environmentally conscious residents, to find ways to promote recycling.

“While we already have a recycling plant in Simon’s Town that people use, having the option to drop off recyclables at Harbour Bay, available 24/7, provides added convenience,“ said Luana Pasanisi, of Green Group Simon’s Town.

For more than 10 years, Happy Valley Homes has sorted and transported waste to recycling facilities in Simon’s Town and Kommetjie.

“The shelter has successfully enlisted 11 businesses in Simon’s Town for our recycling programme. These businesses contribute a monthly fee of R200, while Happy Valley Homes ensures regular collections of recyclables, conducting two to three pick-ups per week,“ said Mr Msakayeya.

According to Mr Msakayeya, income generated from recyclables sold for scrap supports the shelter.

The mall provided funding for the recycling bins and signage as well as a site for the drop-off.

Ms Pelser said all recycling collected by Happy Valley Homes and any funds from it would benefit the shelter.

“Additionally, we provide them with a monthly fee, which is a small amount intended to cover their fuel and other expenses.”