Shooting in complex


A Lakeside resident was shot in the arm during an attempted hijacking at Eastlake Business Complex in Marina da Gama last week.

The bullet passed clean through the man’s right arm during the incident which happened on Tuesday July 5, at 8.20pm..

Captain Stephen Knapp of Muizenberg SAPS confirmed the incident and said the Lakeside resident had told police, at the scene, that he was shot at by people who had unsuccessfully tried to hijack his car.

He drives a grey BMW.

“We can confirm that Muizenberg SAPS attended a complaint of a shooting incident at the Eastlake Business Complex in Marina da Gama,” he said.

“The Muizenberg SAPS members who were on the scene, were however, unable to take a statement from the complainant, as he was not willing to provide one,” Captain Knapp said.

Describing the incident on their Facebook page, Deep Blue Security’s Shafieka Jacobs wrote that three men driving an SUV had been seen pulling up behind the driver of the BMW. They got out, and ap- proached the BMW driver and tried to force his door open. They did not succeed and fired at the driver. He then realised it was an attempted hijacking and drove to the Eastlake business centre, hooting to attract attention.

Deep Blue Security’s online report said that the drivers of the SUV followed him to the centre, but then sped away.

A case of attempted murder and attempted hijacking was registered by Muizenberg SAPS.

Anybody with any information regarding the above incident is asked to contact the investigating officer at 021 787 9000/7.

Warrant Officer Peter Middleton of Fish Hoek police said reports of a hijacking on Wednesday night July 6, could not be substantiated.

“There was an incident where a car that was used by suspects had been found abandoned in Masi after a robbery, and it was said that this vehicle may have been stolen or hijacked elsewhere; but there was no actual hijacking attempt in Fish Hoek,” he explained.

SAPS said that the best way to avoid being a hijacker’s target is not to use a handheld cellphone in your car be-cause 90 percent of your concentration was taken by the phone. If you must use your phone, install a handsfree kit.

Using your mirrors while driving will alert you to being followed.

Statistically, SAPS says, most hijackings happen between 4pm and 8pm, and that most happen when the car they are targeting has stopped, followed by attempts in drive-ways.

SAPS cautions drivers to be especially alert when they have stopped and are sitting in their cars, in drive-ways, at petrol stations and traffic lights or stop signs, or while loading or off-loading passengers and goods.