Signboards to curb congestion

An electronic signboard could soon help motorists by taking the guesswork, and stress, out of beating congestion on far south roads.

It could be operational, on the south-bound lane at the Westlake-end of the M3, in time for the Christmas rush to the seaside, according to Ward 61 councillor Simon Liell-Cock

The board will tell motorists whether it’s quicker to get to the far south by using Main Road, Boyes Drive or Ou Kaapseweg.

The information will help motorists choose the quickest route and stop more traffic being fed into a congested road, according to Mr Liell-Cock.

“The area is a globally important tourist destination, but it only has three road access points – Chapman’s Peak, Ou Kaapseweg and Main Road,” he s

Locals already know well that during holidays and weekends, Main Road though Kalk Bay frequently comes to a standstill with traffic backed up along Main Road and Boyes Drive all the way to Muizen-

“An accident along Ou Kaapseweg further exacerbates the situation leading to many frustrated hours spent stuck in a hot car, instead of commuters being at the beach, in the sea, at the penguins, up the mountains, in Cape Point,” Mr Liell-Cock said.

Mayoral committee member for
transport Felicity Purchase said the board would be piloted at the end of the
M3 and if successful more could be set up.

“If it proves to be effective, then it will justify the roll-out of further electronic messaging boards on Baden-Powell, Main Road Fish Hoek, Black Hill Glencairn and Ou Kaapseweg Sun Valley,” Ms Purchase said.