Silverglades Pharmacy does ‘the hop’ in Valyland

Silverglades Pharmacy does ‘the hop’ in Valyland 

AFTER 33 YEARS, Silverglades Pharmacy is on the move! But not very far! In fact, a mere hop, skip and jump across the aisle to bigger premises at Shops 11&12 in Valyland Centre, Fish Hoek. 

In 2001 when Kirtikant Patel took ownership of Silverglades Pharmacy, the aim was to retain the established ethos and expand the services offered to customers.  All staff were kept on board at the time. The core still remains, but with the passing of the years, some have retired or moved on.  

Since 1987, the original pharmacist, Phyllis Morris is still ‘womaning’ her post, delivering the same solid, reliable village-friendly customer care. Technology has changed exponentially but the good old-fashioned values of community service remain intact under her guidance.

Celebrating 80 years in the community this year, Warren’s Pharmacy in Fish Hoek Main Road, acts as big brother to Silverglades Pharmacy and provides all the background administration, logistics and other management functions. This allows Phyllis the time to concentrate on being a pharmacist and gives her, together with her team, the space to give extra loving care to clients.

Traditionally Silverglades Pharmacy has serviced the mature customer which includes the geriatric population. 

“Client service is a priority,” says Kirtikant Patel. “We appreciate the fact that a large percentage of our cliental is geriatric and services and offerings have to be tailored to meet their needs”.

However, the customer profile is getting younger and the pharmacy has a newer range of services to cater for their needs e.g. an expanded nursing service which includes Family Planning and Childhood Vaccination, Photographic, Blister Pack Service, delivery service and Complementary & Alternate (CAM) Lifestyle products.

Eight years ago, a nursing service was introduced to provide primary health care services for the community. This includes an immunisation service in partnership with the Western Cape Health Department.  A Blister Pack Service to eliminate medication errors was introduced in 2017.  In addition, the Silverglades App can be downloaded (for free) to communicate with the pharmacy, check up on specials and to place orders.

Silverglades Pharmacy shares a group mission statement with Warren’s Pharmacy: ‘To promote the Health and Wellness of the population through the provision of world class Pharmaceutical Care & Services’.

What sets Silverglades Pharmacy apart is personalised attention and care. Your visit many take a few extra minutes, but the team will resolve your issues with the backroom support they can call upon at Warren’s Pharmacy. The staff will also go the extra mile to source products for their clients.

Epitomising the spirit at Silverglades Pharmacy, pharmacist Phyllis recently had surgery done to repair her knee. Being unwavering in her service ethos, she was back at her station as soon as she was given the go ahead from her surgeon. With over three decades of hands-on experience, she knows her clients better than most and hence is in an ideal position, with the support of her team, to provide the personalised service that clients so appreciate.

So join us in celebrating Spring 2020 and Hop, Skip and Jump to Health & Wellness in a new chapter at Silverglades Pharmacy.  

You will find Silverglades Pharmacy at Shops 11 & 12, Valyland Centre, Upper Kinrae Crescent, Fish Hoek.  Call 021 782 1113.
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