Sounds of mystery

Jo Fensham, Capri

On Wednesday February 28, between 5pm and 6pm, I was most distressed to hear what sounded to me the repeated screaming of a child.

This was not the shrieking of a child playing, but sounded like a scream of pain or of fear.

What concerned me was that it went on for the best part of an hour. There would be a long scream then silence for a while before the scream started again.

We live at the top of Capri, in Bali Close, against the mountain and so we live at the top of an amphitheatre. As such we can hear most of the sounds in Capri, people playing, dogs barking and children shouting and laughing.

I couldn’t locate the sound but it seemed to me that it came from the area between Bali Close and somewhere across Capri to the Glencairn Highway and the Kommetjie road.

I didn’t drive
around to try and find from where it was coming since once you go lower down the