Space to enjoy sounds and words

Kolawole Cornelius Gbolahan and Sam Longford in Analog, their record store and community event space.

There’s something tangible about the crackle of a record, about those original, raw recordings, and about the smell of second-hand books.

And while 2020 had all the modern trappings and digital formats, it also had Covid-19, lockdown and with that an enforced slowing of pace, which ironically opened new doors in Muizenberg.

Analog is the result. Upstairs in the African Soul Surfer building, Analog is a record and secondhand bookstore started by two Muizenberg men who are immersed in the contemplation of music and art.

Kolawole Cornelius Gbolahan is a musician and front man for the band Sound and Words. This is a creative project which blends spoken word poetry with a range of music, such as jazz, folk, reggae, Afro-beat and pop.

Kola is originally from Nigeria, while Sam Longford is British-born, and is an MA Fellow at the Centre for Humanities Research with the University of the Western Cape.

Both men call Muizenberg home and have committed to creating a community space where reading, and face to face conversation happens; a space which offers what they term “the welcome reprieve of old school ways”.

“We were just amped to create a platform for people to explore different music genres, played live, in an intimate setting, reflective of the zeitgeist of the era the old records were created in,” says Sam.

While there is a month-end live-music gig at R100 a ticket there are also events every other Friday night too, open to just donations.

Kola has a hearty laugh about a recent encounter with a younger person who learned for the first time that records have grooves, and that where you place the needle actually has significance.

He says exposure to different genres also means exposure to different ways of thinking.

“I grew up in Nigeria, and we grew up listening to Kenny Rogers. Not many know that, so this is just one tiny way we break stereotypes and learn to speak one another’s metaphoric languages. Music is its own language, it’s a universal language,” Kola says.

All events are Covid-19 compliant and space is limited for the live shows. Kola and Sam say they are not looking for big numbers.

“We are far more interested in being the bridge where different thoughts can meet and hopefully inspire new creativity. We are all about just spreading the good vibes,” Kola says.

This month end features the artist Tefo Mahola, at 8pm. Follow analog_books_records on Instagram or contact Kola at 071 079 1139 for more information.