Special birthdays

Silvermine Village recently celebrated three special birthdays.Kit Kilner, left, turned 103 on Sunday April 16; Margaret Evans, middle, turned 102 on Sunday, April 10; and John Suggit, right, turned 100 on Thursday April 14. Ms Kilner was born in Surrey and sailed to Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) with her husband in 1947. She lived in South Africa for 25 years before moving into Silvermine Village. She worked as a doctor’s receptionist in Muizenberg and also worked at the Muizenberg News. Ms Evans moved from London to Salisbury in 1948 where she taught at Selborne Primary School. She lives independently in her own cottage at Silvermine Village and regularly contributes articles to the village’s newsletter. Mr Suggit studied the history, literature, and philosophy of ancient Greece and Rome in the classical languages at Oxford University. He was a school teacher before entering the priesthood after arriving in South Africa in 1948. Following a spell on the cathedral staff in Grahamstown and his involvement in Anglican student affairs at Rhodes University, he was posted to various parishes in the Eastern Cape before heading St Paul’s Theological College in Grahamstown and then becoming chairman in New Testament Studies at Rhodes University.