Special day for Carlisle Lodge

Carlisle Lodge residents Dawn Stone and Margaret van Willing enjoying the festivities during the home’s 60th anniversary celebration.

It was a day of celebration at Carlisle Lodge, on Wednesday, January 19, as residents and staff marked the Fish Hoek old-age home’s 60th anniversary.

The home was officially opened on January 20, 1962, by Ivy Carlisle, whose husband, Ron, was the mayor of Fish Hoek from 1956 to 1958.

Residents were treated to a three-course meal, and the dining room was decorated for the occasion.

Carlisle Lodge manager Mo Jackson welcomed residents and guests and spoke about the home’s history.

The Carlisle family moved to Fish Hoek in the early 1950s, and, in 1959, Ms Carlisle started a fund to raise money to open a home for the elderly.

The lodge consisted of one building and, according to Fish Hoek Fossickings, a compilation of the Fish Hoek Valley Museum’s archives by the late Dr John Clifford, it gained instant popularity due to its layout and design, which were similar to a hotel. It had a ramp for access instead of stairs and had a small dining and sitting room.

Following the opening, Ms Carlisle continued to raise funds for the home, and, in 1962, the Fish Hoek Echo reported that the Mardi Gras committee had made a donation of R550 to the lodge. In August that year, the lodge held a morning market and raised a further R961, which was upped to R1000 by an anonymous donor.

By 1964, the number of residents had increased and there was even a romance in the home that resulted in marriage.

At the end of 1964, Mr and Ms Hingle, the supervisors at the time, hosted a Christmas and fancy-dress party.

Mr Hingle had planted trees outside the lounge and dining room which he had hoped to sit under before his retirement, and he did.

The Hingles retired to a cottage at Nerina Gardens, in July 1978, and Alec and Olive Ricketts took over as the new supervisors.

In 1983, the home which had almost doubled in size and now had a frail-care facility, celebrated its 21st birthday with day-long festivities.

Grace Edgecombe was the first nursing sister from 1970 to 1997. She was later joined by Meg Taljaard from 1972 to 1980.

In 2008, renovations to the care centre started. The staff quarters were changed into rooms, and the first-floor facing Nelson Road was added. In 2010, the trees planted by Mr Hingle were cut down to make way for the central block, and pine trees on Nelson Road were removed to make way for the parking area.

The entire home was “turned around” with the main entrance moving from Kommetjie Road to Nelson Road.

Resident Rita Needham said it was good to have company again, especially from the outside.

“We thoroughly enjoyed sitting and eating together,” she said.

Joy Hemmens said: “ I enjoyed the lunch so much. It was lovely being there, and the tables looked beautiful and the food was delicious. I think everybody is satisfied.”

Carlisle Lodge residents enjoying a celebratory 60th-anniversary lunch.
Carlisle Lodge former manager Brenda Matthews with residents Milly McClement and Linda Montiqu-Fryer.
Lorraine Brooke-Sumner and Elke-Maren Sinclair enjoying the lunch.
Cynthia Nagel and Trish Ronquest give the food a thumbs-up.
Carlisle Lodge former manager Brenda Matthews, right, opening with a prayer. She is pictured with Carlisle Lodge manager Mo Jackson, left. Ms Matthews joined Carlisle Lodge in January 2008 and retired on December 31 last year.
A special cake for a special event.