Sponsor a locker scheme

Chris Bingham,

Fish Hoek

A common sight in and around Fish Hoek is a number of homeless men and women hauling around heavy baggage, either in hot sunshine or driving

They have to find a place to rest, and always seem to be looking for somewhere to hide their baggage, or someone to keep an eye on it.

I’ve mooted the idea to a number of locals and they all agree it would be a great help if there were some lockers, where these people on the move can store their gear.

I would like to put this out to Fish Hoek organisations like the Fish Hoek Lions, the Moths, Rotary Club Cape of Good Hope, or one of the supermarkets to see if they would like to sponsor a locker scheme for this purpose.

A safe and accessible place would need to be allocated, such as near the police station or supermarket car park.

I would be willing to start the ball rolling by donating R1 000 to any initiative.

I’m sure this could be a welcome relief for many of these men and women in the New