Stick to the Constitution

Felicity Purchase, Sub-council 19 chairperson and Ward 69 councillor

I welcome the opportunity to respond to the letter from the Far South Peninsula Community Forum (FSPCF), an organisation which Simon Liell-Cock and I, in fact, started in February 2003 (“Getting insight on councillors’ views”, Echo, July 14).

Each ward has different challenges and the DA team will engage on the issues and concerns raised at the meeting scheduled by the FSPCF for Tuesday July 26 on a ward- by-ward basis. I feel it necessary to point out that the letter does not include some of the very serious issues affecting the daily lives of all the residents of the far south.

The Constitution is the most important act for all of us – all other laws, regulations and by-laws exist to implement and support the Constitution.

It is indisputable that the City of Cape Town is the best run Metro in South Africa. That success has its own challenges in that it provides hope and attracts people looking for jobs, housing and services which they are not getting outside the Western Cape province.

* The meeting will be held at the Kings Baptist Church hall, corner Ou Kaapse Weg and Buller Louw Drive on Tuesday July 26 at 6.30pm.