Stop speeding

Dylan Dare, Woodlands

As a regular pedestrian of the Dido Valley Road, I have recently been very concerned about the excessive speed with which motorists are travelling both up and down this road.

I have, in the past three months, noticed a substantial increase in speeding motorists, as well as a substantial increase in the frequency of motorists using this road.

In not one occasion, while I was travelling along this road, have I seen any motorist abide to the speed limit, of what I believe is 60km/* .

My concerns about the speeding motorists was again brought to attention about a month ago, when I unfortunately saw an owl being knocked down and now, just a week ago I saw what I think is a hawk being ridden over by a speeding motorist.

In my time of using this road, both as a pedestrian and motorist, I have seen on more than one occasion antelope standing in the middle of the road near the crest of the hill and fear for their lives, that they too will be victims of death, due to a speeding motorist.

I’ve since then taken an interest in why this road is used to speed along and have found out that it is the only free-flowing exit for both the Red Hill Road, via the navel camp and the residents of Da Gama Park, Woodlands and Welcome Glen.

All other exits have had either natural speed enforcement in place or constructed speed enforcement in place, such as stop streets and speed humps.

I would like to urge the authorities to at least investigate the possibility of some form of speed restrictions being implemented to prevent the next accident from happening.