Street named after Booysen

The three generations of the Booysen family: Belinda Booysen, John Booysen, Rachel Fauls, Lydia Booysen, Toy Booysen, Annerene Booysen, Desrin Booysen and Ervin Booysen with his daughter Taslyn.

On Sunday, November 3, the sun shone on a small group of the Booysen family as the street name, Booysen Close in De Oude Weg, Sunnydale was unveiled in recognition of their family.

The family were one of many forcibly removed under apartheid’s Group Areas Act, and they said the naming of the road meant they now felt remembered.

It was a complete surprise to the family who had been gathered by the Sunnydale Ratepayers’ Association and invited to the event.

The road was previously unnamed and the City of Cape Town approached the Sunnydale Ratepayers’ Association for road name suggestions.

“As other roads in De Oude Weg are named after families historically linked to living in Sunnydale, we felt this family name appropriate,” said Trish Wood, the association’s chairperson. “Once the City had finalised the required protocols for road naming and erected the sign, we were able to gather the family for the unveiling. The family were not aware of the road name selection, and were completely taken aback when the name was revealed.”

Ms Wood said the emotions had been palpable.

John Booysen said he felt honoured and Annerene Booysen said: “History has been made here today.”

Belinda Booysen said: “I cannot believe this.”

Toy Booysen said he never thought his family would have a road named after them.

The family joked that Uber, the City’s services, visitors and delivery vehicles won’t get lost anymore.