Surfers break Level 3 regulations

A family head over the sand dunes to take a sneaky surf on the first day of Level 3 lockdown.
Despite a ban on social surfing – Level 3 Lockdown regulations specify only professional surfers are allowed to return to the water. Muizenberg lived up to its name as Surfer’s Corner on Monday June 1, with dozens of surfers taking to the waves for the first time since lockdown level 5. A handful of locals who came out of the water rushed to change and leave before SAPS returned, in case they were arrested. Each of the surfers approached gave the same line: that there was confusion about the legality of the situation, so they took advantage of that. All who spoke said they would not be trying it the next day. When asked if the lockdown rules do not apply to them, one surfer said “Not today!”. Another said the risk was worth it as the surf had been amazing. Yet another laughed as he stepped out of the water and announced “We are all criminals now”. He said they were hoping that the sheer numbers of people in the water would deter SAPS from arresting them. Captain Stephen Knapp of Muizenberg SAPS confirmed that surfing is still not legal and that from Tuesday June 2, surfers would be treated like anybody else who contravenes the law.