Suspected drug dealer arrested in Kalk Bay

Car guard found in possession of R19 710 in cash in Kalk Bay.
A suspect was arrested in Kalk Bay last night on suspicion of dealing in drugs.

Law Enforcement auxiliary officers, who were on patrol, spotted a well-known car guard in the vicinity of Kalk Bay station leaning into a vehicle while chatting to the driver.

The officers observed an exchange of items taking place between the two. They approached the car guard and found him in possession of eight packets of a substance which appeared to be cocaine.

The suspect refused to co-operate and resisted arrest.

He also attempted to call his friends in the area for help, but the officers overpowered him and called for back up.

After a tense stand-off, back-up arrived and the suspect was found to be in possession of R19 710 in cash, seven bank cards belonging to different people, six drivers licences and an ID document which was not his.

He was arrested and taken to Muizenberg police station.