Teachers are the best

Abdul-Aziz Thompson Grade 7, Fish Hoek Primary School

Students ar (are) the best at identifying teachers.

The best teachers come to school to teach not because they have to or for money – those are worst despicible (despicable) people on this earth. They have good or cool, awesome wakey or it is crazy and wird (weird) teaching methods

but if it dose (does) not work for you they will chang (change) to benefit you, to make it esier (easier) for you.

The best teachers go outside te (the) rules to stay inside them to help you.

They will blast music trought (through) speakers to make it esier (easier) for you to learn. They can’t help loving you just the way you are. You can tell them your troubells (troubles).

They tell you, you are the only you. No one can be you.

A good teacher makes you feel at home a million miles away from home.

They tell you, you can be shi (shy) you can be downwright (downright) wird (weird), they don’t care. They like you for who you are.

You can’t have a favorite (favourite) teacher.

All teachers are different.

They are just like us. If you don’t like a teacher just get to know them.

Teachers are realy (really) cool people. They are more patiant (patient) than a tree. Thet (They) tell you be yourself, not someone else.