Team effort

Marian Williams, Noordhoek

On Monday May 27, I attended an annual general meeting at Fish Hoek civic centre.

I used my cellphone before the meeting started and then switched to silent mode.

I then went to Long Beach Mall, visited a couple of retailers and then went home, only to realise that I did not have my phone in my bag.

I searched every nook and cranny in my car, emptied my bag – no phone,

I went to MTN and spoke to Siya, who suggested that as the phone was ringing, on silent, not to block it for a couple of days.

I then went back to the civic centre, checked – nothing.

I also went to the reception of Fish Hoek council offices, where a woman there rang my number, heard it ringing and decided, after I had left the building, to keep it ringing.

I had almost got to my car when she found me to tell me that my phone had been found – it had been reported to MTN at Long Beach Mall by the great team in the Vetshop.

They had kept it there and one of the team put it in his pocket so he could feel the vibration of the phone.

I thank MTN’s Siya, the team at the Vetshop and the woman at the council office (sorry I did not get your name). People do care.