Tears launches winter donation drive

Tears has launched a campaign to keep pets warm this winter.

The Emma Animal Rescue Society (Tears) has launched its annual Give Warmth campaign to collect blankets, kennels, and other items to keep cats and dogs warm this winter

“In low-income communities, many families struggle to provide adequate shelter and food for their pets, leaving them vulnerable to the cold weather and increasing the risk of cold-related illnesses such as hypothermia,“ said Tears spokeswoman Odette Visser.

Along with contributions of warm gear and food for dogs and cats, Tears also needs energy-efficient wall heaters, rubber mats and other insulated and non-slip flooring, stable doors, and hot-water bottles.

Heating pads are needed to ensure sick and injured pets are kept warm and protected. According to Ms Visser, they also ease pain and stiffness from conditions like arthritis.

Tears encourages potential adopters to consider their longest-staying animals and “golden oldies” when choosing a pet.

“Senior dogs and cats, in particular, are more vulnerable during winter months due to joint discomfort and difficulty in keeping warm. Providing a loving home for these animals during winter can greatly improve their lives,” said Ms Visser.

Donations can be dropped at Tears charity shops or directly at the Tears shelter at 4 Lekkerwater Road, Sunnydale. For more information, visit www.tears.org.za