Teenager blinds male baboon

CapeNature are investigating after a teenager allegedly threw a rock at a baboon, blinding it and possibly causing it brain damage.

Baboon rangers found an adult male baboon from the Da Gama Troop, TK43, with what appeared to be a minor injury above his eye on Monday January 8.

The animal was disorientated and was taken in for observation.

Baboon rangers questioned the residents and children in the Da Gama area during the week to see if anyone had seen anything.

Local children were vague, but indicated that at approximately 8pm on Sunday January 7, a teenage Da Gama resident was seen throwing a large rock at TK43, a 12-year-old male baboon from the Da Gama Troop.

“This large rock hit the baboon just above the right eye.

“While the external injury is slight, it appears that a more serious internal injury may have caused the baboon to lose it’s sight. The baboon also appears to have suffered brain damage. It has been under the care of veterinary staff all week,” said Kay Montgomery, a spokesperson for the Baboon Technical Team (BTT), which has strongly condemned the act of violence towards the animal.

It is illegal to feed or harm a baboon or keep one in captivity without a permit. Anyone with information about the incident can call the Baboon Hotline on 071 588 6540.