Thank you

Two men escorting a family of geese to safety en route to the Clovelly Wetlands.

Elsje Massyn, Fish Hoek

I would like to thank two men from False Bay College in Fish Hoek who walked down Disa Road, in Fish Hoek, and escorted a geese family (who had laid their eggs on the college roof) to get to Clovelly Wetlands.

When we asked them, they confirmed they worked for False Bay College and that when the geese were getting ready to walk their babies to the wetlands, they decided to ensure they reached their destination safely.

When we entered the intersection, they cordoned off the vulnerable family with their babies and protected them against passing vehicles.

I want to thank these two men and False Bay College, for, in this day and age, it’s sometimes hard to find men who will do the honourable thing and go out of their way to protect wildlife in the manner these two men did.

This has made my day and has given me hope that mankind can still be compassionate and kind – one just has to look for the individuals who still care about animals who need our help.